DigaSign Suite of Products

DigaSign enables documents to be esigned and enotarized in a secure environment in seconds instead of days at a fraction of the cost of traditional delivery.

Transaction service fees apply for document processing. See Service Fees

Create electronic documents
Export electronic documents
View electronic documents
Create custom prompts
Create document templates
Sign electronic documents
Notarize electronic documents
Automatic journal entries
Manual journal entries
Create lobbyist and principal expense reports for North Carolina Secretary of State

Easy to Use

With DESIGNER installed, users generate their documents using their existing software. They print the documents to the WWNotary Image Writer from their software or from any Windows application. Utilizing simple "Wizard" navigation and easy drag and drop features, users designate signature locations, initials, dates and/or custom prompts for one or multiple signers. Notary signatures and seal locations are established as well as locations for state specific or generic certificates (such as acknowledgments, jurat's, affidavits etc.) that are placed where the document designer establishes the coordinates.

A package feature allows multiple documents to be grouped together and DigaSign generates an unique package key that is micro-stamped at the bottom of all pages in the package. This is one of many auditing, tracking, and security features of DigaSign.


Once coordinates have been established, this information can be saved as a document template to establish standard signature(s), seal(s) and custom prompt locations on documents commonly used in your business. This feature eliminates redundant document set up processes and allows for easy distribution of same type of documents for future signing sessions. Templates are convenient where signature, initials, custom prompts and acknowledgment locations are in the same position but the documents require signatures from different signers.

Custom Prompts / Smart Certificates / Check List

DESIGNER's robust features allow users to establish custom prompts where signer specific information can be completed at the time of signing. Questions can be prompted to require signers to acknowledge document specific information to aid in compliance for various industries. These responses are integrated into the appropriate locations throughout the document and into World Wide Notary's patent pending "Smart Certificates". A check list can be added to require the signers to acknowledge that they have reviewed of all the documents contained in the package.

Modification Feature

A modify feature allows for documents and/or pages to be replaced, removed or appended to the package by authorized users. The designer can establish separate passwords associated with each modification feature. Once one signature is placed in the package, the package is sealed and no further modifications are allowed.


Once documents have been designed, a package key is automatically generated and the user is prompted for a unique password for the package thus making the "designer" of the documents - the "controller" of the documents. This key and password is given to the authorized parties involved in the signing.

Service Fees

A service fee of 20 ¢ per page will be charged for each package posted.

SIGNER accommodates situations where documents need to be signed but not notarized. SIGNER comes with a biometric signature pad to acquire the signature of the user or other individual's signature required for the document. When used in combination with custom prompts, this feature allows for "witnessed" signature capture.

  • Appraisers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Judges
  • Clerks
  • Registrars
  • Principals
  • Inspectors
  • Surveyors

Service Fees

A service fee of 20 ¢ will be charged for each page signed.

The entire DigaSign application was built with the workflow of professional authorities in mind. NOTARY is specifically tailored for notaries and includes the professional seal of the user.

NOTARY also features a "chain of custody" journal that automatically audits all events that take place to posted documents and records the events in a journal. With NOTARY installed, signings can occur simultaneously in the presence of a professional authority, like a notary, architect etc., from many different locations and be ready for processing in minutes instead of days.

With the key and password, authenticated NOTARY users will have access to the package for review. For notarizations, signers will be verified by the enotary using traditional methods of identification. At the signer's discretion, they may review the documents via computer monitor or through printed form. A convenient check list provides an audit trail to verify that the signers acknowledge that they have read each document of the package.

DigaSign features three signing options available to the document DESIGNER:

  • Sign Each - the signer is guided to each signature or initial coordinate and are required to sign or initial each time.
  • Sign Once / Accept Each - the signer signs once and their signature or initial is retained in the signature box. The user is then guided to each signature or initial coordinate where they have the option to select "Accept" rather then having to sign each time.

    Note: Both of these signing options accommodates state notary legislation that may stipulate "Separate Attestation".
  • Sign Once / Apply All - the signer signs once and the signature or initial is automatically placed in the appropriate locations throughout the package.

    Note: This method is applicable in exceptions to "Separate Attestation". See 18 NCAC 07C .0601 of North Carolina's eNotary Rules.

With DigaSign, there are no missing signatures or initials, thereby eliminating costly errors and the redundancy of needing to resubmit documents.

All the necessary documentation for the electronic journal is automatically recorded for each event in the signing process. Biometric signature pads with finger print capture are available for notaries wanting higher degrees of identification and security or like in California that require finger print capture in the notary journal. A manual journal entry feature allows notaries to record all their notarial acts, even those that occur in a traditional paper environment.

NOTARY also includes generic and state specific acknowledgments.

Service Fees

A service fee of 20 ¢ will be charged for each page signed.

NC LOBBYIST is designed for lobbyists and principals in North Carolina who need to create expense reports for the Secretary of State.

With NC LOBBYIST, reports can be generated for immediate signing, or can be created and saved to disk for signing later.

Service Fees

  • $120 per Lobbyist per year 
  • $120 per Principal per year

Service Fee Details:

You can have documents created, posted and signed from any where in the world and ready for electronic filing in minutes instead of days!

With the purchase of DESIGNER, SIGNER, and/or NOTARY, there is a $10.00 credit towards initial fees.

Once the $10.00 credit has been used, the user will be prompted to enter billing information. Accounts are billed monthly based on the number of transactions conducted.

Types of Billing Accounts for Transaction Fees:

  • Single User: Allows an individual user to assume financial responsibility for their posting and signing transactions.
  • Multi-User: Multi-user billing accounts are available to allow a business to assume financial responsibility for the transactions conducted by multiple users in their organization.

DigaSign products can greatly reduce delivery cost thereby increasing your bottom line while providing enhanced compliance and quicker turn around time for your clients!

Contact sales@wwnotary.com regarding:

  • Quantity discounts for product purchases of 10 or more
  • Net 30 invoicing available for 10 or more product purchases
  • Multi-user, transaction fee billing accounts

* a package can consist of multiple documents

Your Security and Compliance is Important to Us.

At World Wide Notary, compliance and security is at the foundation of our service. World Wide Notary authenticates all users with stringent verification processes.

DigaSign utilizes the latest in technology for encryption and security to ensure that documents are kept confidential and can not be altered once signed.

Security includes:

  • Authentication of all users
  • Digital certificates
  • Biometric signatures and finger print capture
  • Non-repudiation (documents can not be altered without proper user rights for modifications and no alterations after one signature is acquired)
  • Automatic software updates to ensure the latest functionality and security features are in place