DigaSign not only utilizes digital certificates but also biometric signatures, which allow the signatures and seals to be displayed to emulate hand written documents.


DigaSign features:

  • a digital pen pad to capture biometric information of the signing customer's signature that will be displayed on the document
  • digital certificates for each DigaSign notary
  • the ability to sign once and have that signature posted to one or many locations throughout the document
  • the ability for multiple signers to sign from different locations


DigaSign follows existing notary flows so that it is familiar and easy to use.

DigaSign features

  • electronic notary seals
  • generic and state specific certificates (acknowledgements, jurat's, affidavits etc.) logically associated to the "Document of Record" (DOR)
  • dynamic custom prompts to gather information at time of closing and integrate those responses into the DOR
  • an electronic notary journal where entries are automatically created for each notarial act
  • the ability to automatically generate a customer invoice
  • an export feature to save electronic documents as a "Tamper Sealed" PDF or TIF files


With DigaSign's document key and password, documents can viewed, signed and delivered from a variety of locations from anywhere in the world saving time and money.